Tavira is a beautiful city located on both banks of a river of only 56 kilometers but has two names: Gilão and Séqua.

Legend has it that the Roman bridge that divides the two banks of the city of Tavira was the privileged place of secret encounters between the Muslim princess Séqua and the Christian knight Gilão, who lived a forbidden love. When the couple were discovered and feared accused of treason by both families, the couple threw themselves into the river, either side of the bridge, thus dividing the name of the river.

Thus, a visit to Tavira is absolutely essential to cross this historic Roman bridge that witnessed several crucial events in the history of the city. It was over the bridge, during the dynastic crisis of 1383-1385, after the reign of King Fernando I, that supporters of the cause of Mestre de Avis, future king of Portugal, defeated the Spanish invaders.